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Bloom from Within



Woo-hoo! Can't wait to welcome you to another afternoon of yoga bliss! This time, we'll be working to release toxins from the mind and body with a yin to restorative practice especially for the kidney & liver meridians. Bring your blankets, pillows and cushions so you can soften into the delicious hip opening poses and support your body where it needs it most.

We'll also be doing lots of breath-work to detoxify the lungs and a bit of chanting to clear the throat. You'll also sample a range of essentials oils that will facilitate release - basil, grapefruit, rosemary, frankincense and myrrh. Plus the chance to try a special oil blend called Zendocrine which helps purify the body’s system.

Enjoy a brew with your yoga friends, old and new. Take cake, if your hips don't mind! If they do, snack on fresh fruit!

The session will conclude with a Yoga Nidra experience, usually the most popular part of our Love Sunday Yoga events.

No experience of yoga is necessary. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Young People aged 11 and over are welcome, accompanied by a parent.

Venue: Ravensthorpe Village Hall, Teeton Road, Ravensthorpe, NN6 8EH
Investment: £30.00
No of places: 16 places
Tickets: Book now to avoid disappointment.

T & Cs - We are sorry but there are no refunds or transfers available for Love Sunday Yoga Events.