Starting Yoga

Discover the Power of Yoga

If you've never done yoga and fancy giving it a go, then a Yoga For Beginners Course could be for you.

Yoga cover a huge field with many different aspects and disciplines. Our Yoga for Beginners Courses will introduce you to some of the basics. Starting from scratch, each course will offer you the opportunity to

  • Learn techniques to warm up the body and unblock energy.

  • Become familiar with a a number of foundation yoga postures and how to perform them safely for your body.

  • Practise a range of simple and effective breathing techniques for good health, focus and stress release.
    Experience the power of meditation for calming the mind and generating positive thoughts.

  • Enjoy relaxation techniques to help you rest deeply and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

  • Gain confidence to join an established yoga class.

  • Learn how to begin a home yoga practice.

Each weekly session is practical. You’ll see demonstrations, gain useful tips and have lots of opportunity to practise and ask questions. 

beginners' courses and Workshops 

Beginners courses and workshops are scheduled in different locations throughout the year, according to demand. We limit the size of the group so that you receive personal attention, support and encouragement. There are no Beginners Courses scheduled right now. You can add your name to the waiting list for the next course by contacting us.

Private Lessons

Many people start their yoga journey with a few private lessons and then join a class. You can start private lessons at any time. Find out more about Private Yoga Lessons.

Weekly classes 

As an alternative to a Yoga for Beginners Course, some people like to dive straight into a class. Classes are open to all and you go at your own pace.See the timetable and book now.

Case Study

Read about Karen Gilmurray's experience of starting her yoga journey with Caron.

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