An artistic collaboration with Sarah Jeffs

The imagery in the website banners of this site have been taken from a larger digital artwork by Sarah Jeffs entitled Flowerbom #1.

Sarah is a Bristol based digital artist and photographer, a fellow yoga practitioner and a good friend. I love the way that Sarah has created the banners - they are beautiful mini-artworks in their own right as well as being part of a larger artistic piece. 

Sometimes when you look at something too closely, from only one perspective, it doesn't make sense. To see more clearly, you need to take a step back and view the bigger picture. Then you can see what's been there all along. The images within the banners remind me of what yoga has taught me - to notice and value other perspectives.  

The banners also remind me that although we have the ability to achieve amazing things as individuals, it's when we work collaboratively with others that we have the power to create something much greater than we could have done ourselves. My heartfelt thanks to Sarah for all her help with this website project.

Sarah and I will be planning a series of Yoga and Art workshops in the future. If you'd like to be kept informed, then please contact me.

More about Sarah Jeffs and her work

Trained as a Fine Artist at Bretton Hall, Yorkshire, Sarah graduated in 1997 and went on to pursue a successful career in marketing and graphic design. Returning to her artistic practice in 2012, Sarah has had a number of hugely popular exhibitions. Today, she is represented by the prestigious Antlers gallery in Bristol.

Sarah is also a founder of the not-for-profit organisation POSITIVE IMAGE ART, raising money for charity under the strap line ‘Doing Good with Art’. Sarah's work creates visually absorbing atmospheres that encapsulate stillness and evoke a moment of tranquility, which are frequently absent from our current pervasive society. The practice of yoga also seeks to help us find that seemingly elusive stillness and tranquillity within us.

Exploring long exposures and time-lapse techniques, Sarah's visions are constructed through a post-production layering technique. By combining carefully selected images, new meanings are formulated. The results are both original and captivating. 

Visit Sarah's website to view her work and the opportunity to purchase a limited edition print of the beautiful Flowerbom #1 . I have one in my yoga studio and its serves to inspire me each time I step on my mat!

Flowerbom #1 by Sarah Jeffs

Flowerbom #1 by Sarah Jeffs