Yoga can change your life!

Hello! I'm Caron Lindley, yoga teacher and founder of Red Hat Yoga & Wellbeing. My passion to pass on the gift of yoga to others who might be seeking change in their lives led me to set up Red Hat Yoga & Wellbeing in January 2014.

If you're interested in becoming more healthy, getting to know yourself better, gaining peace of mind and making the most of your life, then I invite you to explore the power of yoga with me. It's never too late to start.

Yoga Awakening

Although I'd practiced yoga on and off for many years, it wasn't until I was in my early fifties that I discovered yoga was much more than physical exercise.  This 'awakening' came at a time of crisis - I had a full-on marketing job with a long commute and little time for anything else. Life was no longer joyful; I was exhausted, stressed, and had lost sense of perspective.

Caron Lindley, Yoga Teacher at Red Hat Yoga

Caron Lindley, Yoga Teacher at Red Hat Yoga

Coming home

Returning to yoga was like coming home. It helped me switch off - to quieten my busy mind and allow my body to relax and breathe. This was yoga with a difference! My yoga teacher skilfully weaved asana (posture work), pranayama (breath work), relaxation and meditation into thought provoking, life enhancing themes. I became captivated! Aches and pains from long hours of sitting at a computer started to go away. I slept well at night. I was calmer, more positive and happier.

Journey of self discovery

My teachers encouraged me to attend workshops and courses to learn more about yoga, its philosophy and psychology. And that was the start of a whole new journey of self discovery.

I have always loved learning and have taken several personal development courses that have been inspiring  and empowering. Yet it's yoga's ancient wisdom, as relevant today as when it was written thousands of years ago, that resonates with me. 

Yoga qualifications and teaching experience

My teacher training journey began initially with the British Wheel of Yoga (Foundation; Diploma, Part 1) and continued with Whitespace Yoga Studio through their excellent teacher training course. I qualified as a Yoga Alliance accredited teacher in October 2014.  

I have also undertaken specialist training through TeenYoga (UK) to teach yoga and mindfulness to young people in schools and colleges. 

My interest in mindfulness and the meridians of Chinese medicine led me to study Yin Yoga, a powerful floor-based practice that benefits the organs, muscles, joints and tendons - as well as the mind. Yin has influenced the development of my personal daily home practice and teaching style. 

In total, I have invested more than 500 hours in formal training and many more hours of personal study. I have taught full-time since April 2014 and when I am not teaching I continue to study in order to develop my skills and knowledge. 

My timetable of yoga classes is continually expanding. Also I teach yoga to individualsyoga in schools and yoga in the workplace. Please get in touch if you'd like more information.

With gratitude

I am grateful to the encouragement, guidance and wisdom of all my teachers, on and off the mat, including:

My family - Cherry Dolan, my mum who introduced me to yoga in 1971; my husband David Lindley, writer, poet and translator of the Bhagavad Gita.

Yoga Teachers - Diane Lee; Pamela Deal; Vicky Meikle; Natalie Wiltshire; Lizzie Giles; Sheila Baker; Andrea Newman; Kailash Mistry; Paul Thomson; Brigitte Riley; Charlie Merton.

Teacher Trainers - Lesley Isaacson; Mary Mills; Deborah Berryman; Dawn Wright; Charlotta Martinus; Sarah Corbett; Katy Appleton; Caroline Suggett; Elizabeth Bourdin.

Authors - Sarah Powers; Elena Brower; Judith Lasater; Donna Farhi; Erich Schiffman; Anodea Judith.

My students - the greatest teachers from whom I continue to learn and develop.


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