Yoga classes in Rugby, Crick, Ravensthorpe & Daventry.

Yoga classes 

Daytime and evening classes run throughout the year and you can join at any time. I offer a very fair, flexible arrangement. You don't need to commit to coming each week. You simply buy a pass and book your place. Your class pass is valid for 12 months AND you can use your pass at any venue. 


New simplified pricing structure from 1st February 2018. 

  • 12 class pass £98.00
  • 6 class pass £53.00
  • Single class pass £10.00
  • First time trial pass £5.00 (Not valid for courses, workshops, mini retreats or Essential Rest sessions.)


Below is an overview of the 2018 timetable. From time to time, classes will be cancelled if Caron Lindley or one of her cover teachers is not available to teach. The online booking system shows all classes running that day, week and month.

Private yoga sessions.

0am - 11.15am Yin Yoga for Flexibility (all levels) @Upstairs, Sheaf Street Health Store, 20 Sheaf Street, Daventry, NN11 4AB. 
8pm - 9pm Yoga Nidra @ The Barn (next to The Tuning Fork Cafe) Dollman Farm, Houlton, Rugby CV23 0AB

10am - 11.15am  Mindful Yoga
@ The Barn (next to The Tuning Fork Cafe) Dollman Farm, Houlton, Rugby CV23 0AB. 
6.00pm - 7.15pm  Mindful Yoga @ Crick Sports Centre, Crick Sports Field, Yelvertoft Road, Crick. NN6 7TR. 
7.30pm - 8.45pm Mindful Yoga @ Crick Sports Centre, Crick Sports Field, Yelvertoft Road, Crick. NN6 7TR. 

5pm - 6.15pm  Mindful Yoga @ Sheaf Street Health Store, 20 Sheaf Street, Daventry, NN11 4AB.  

9.30am - 10.45am Mindful Yoga @ The Village Hall, Ravensthorpe, NN6 8EH. 

4pm - 6pm (Monthly) Essential Rest sessions. Back in the Spring

Class StyleS

MINDFUL YOGA is a gentle and slow-paced HATHA YOGA style. Yoga postures are linked into a flow with the aim to balance energy through focused breath-work,to improve posture, to build strength and to lengthen the main muscle groups. The class includes mindfulness and meditation practices to calm the mind, and mantras and poetry to inspire change.

Mindful Yoga classes are suitable for beginners and those with experience. Classes are small, friendly and supportive. You are encouraged to do what you can without striving to push your glorious body beyond its edge. Simply come, be present and enjoy what you can do! 

YOGA FOR FLEXIBILITY (YIN YOGA) is a cool, slow practice which aims improve flexibility through the release of the connective tissues and mobilisation of the joints.

YOGA NIDRA (Guided Deep Relaxation & Meditation) Rest your tired body and weary mind, beat stress, sleep well, boost your immune system and manage emotions. No experience of yoga needed. You lie down on a mat and cocoon yourself in soft blankets, pillow and cushions. 

ESSENTIAL REST (Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra) is a nourishing floor-practice which teaches you how to rest your body and mind, beat stress, sleep well, boost your immune system and manage emotions. Props such as blankets, cushions, bolsters and pillows are used to support your body and encourage stillness. Essential oils are selected to promote good health and to soothe the emotions.

Secure online booking & Payment

1. Use the secure online booking and payment platform. (Payment transactions are made through NETBANX by OPTIMAL PAYMENTS ®, a system which uses sophisticated security and safeguard measures to protect users’ information.) Click on the button below to book and prepay online.

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Class passes, cancelLations, Refunds, Roll-overs, Extensions or Transfers

Class passes are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Red Hat Yoga regrets that refunds or re-credits are not offered for classes that you've book and then don't attend. If you are able to attend the class you've booked, then you can do an on-line cancellation within 48 hours. This is an early cancellation and your class pass will be re-credited. A cancellation less than 48 hours is a late cancellation and your pass will not be re-credited. If a class is cancelled at short notice due to inclement weather, teacher illness, venue unavailability or other unforeseen circumstances, you will be advised by email and your class class will be extended automatically.

Booking & Payment for one-to-One Lessons, Courses, Workshops and Retreats

Separate booking, payment, cancellation and refund policies apply for Private One-to-One Lessons, Courses, Workshops and Retreats. These are published along with the individual descriptions of these events on the website.

Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.
— Rumi