Constructive rest for resilience and wellbeing

As a local yoga and meditation teacher, I use Facebook to promote my classes, workshops and retreats. I use it also to keep in touch with the local communities I serve and get a sense of the ‘collective mood’. 

My work is informed by what I observe. I see people rushing through their lives, overscheduling every waking hour of the day, unable to let go of their anxieties even in sleep. Why is it that we feel compelled to take on so much?

Whatever the reasons, it seems to me that we have become addicted to being busy, squeezing every bit of juice from the time available. With little or no downtime, non-stop busyness takes its toll on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

I have learned from experience that what busy people need most is to give themselves permission to stop and take time for rest. Rest is a skill and a habit that can be learned. Taking time out for yourself in this way isn’t self-indulgent, it’s essential if we want to stay healthy and be able to bounce back from life’s inevitable curved balls. 

Emerging themes help me create sessions that are relevant to modern life. People often say to me: “I feel that the class was designed for me today. How did you know that’s just what I needed?”

Most yoga classes will include some aspect of rest, usually at the end of the practice. It’s the part of the class that people really look forward to and that keeps them returning each week.

My curiosity in the power of rest for resilience and wellbeing led me to study Yoga Nidra with several leading experts. In a nutshell, Yoga Nidra is the practice of conscious rest for the body and mind. It combines relaxation techniques with mindfulness and meditation. It helps you switch off, refresh and experience a deep sense of calm and wellbeing. If you feel anxious, depressed, are overwhelmed by stress or have trouble sleeping, then you might find that a regular Yoga Nidra practice will really help you to rebalance.

Now I specialise in teaching Yoga Nidra to others. Yoga Nidra classes are held at The Barn, Houlton in Rugby, every Tuesday evening at 8pm - 9pm . Sunday Essential Rest sessions are held regularly throughout the year and private sessions for families and groups of friends are available at a time to suit you. If you'd like to try Yoga Nidra for yourself, then contact Caron Lindley

“I loved last night’s Yoga Nidra class. Your classes are deeply relaxing and empowering.” Jacqui
“It gave me time to myself every week when things felt full on. Yoga Nidra calmed me and put things in perspective. I am feeling more optimistic about life and dealing with problems that might occur.” Pamela
“Beautiful evening of yoga Nidra that relaxed me but also awakened long forgotten thoughts and feelings. I can't explain how enlightening Caron's session was. You should definitely try it for yourself.” 

This article has also been published in Sofya Style (March 2018)