Yoga comes to new Houlton Village

Houlton Yoga.jpg

Red Hat Yoga has launched a new Mindful Yoga class on Wednesday morning at The Barn, Dollman's Farm in Houlton, the new village community that's being built on the outskirts of Rugby. The class is suitable for all levels and abilities. Those new to yoga will be warmly welcomed.

The class takes place at 10am to 11.15am and, due to its proximity to The Tuning Fork Cafe, you can relax after class and enjoy coffee and cake with your friends. 

Mindful yoga is a gently form of yoga which encourages you to slow down and become aware of how your body is responding to the flowing movement. You'll also learn to breath better and relax deeply.

Caron Lindley, Yoga Teacher, says "People who try Mindful Yoga love it. I encourage everyone to practise at their own pace and offer props to make poses more comfortable."

If you'd like to try the next class, then you can book online here. Your first class is £5.00!  Places are limited to 12 people so booking is essential to secure your place. If you have a question about the class, then contact Caron