Cultivate a sense of harmony in your life

Improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Nourish your mind and body through conscious breathing, mindful movement, heart-centred meditation and therapeutic rest.

If you’re looking for a way to cultivate more calm in your life, then our supportive, friendly daytime/evening classes in the local community might be just the tonic:
HOULTON, The Barn – Tues 7.30pm & Wed 10am
CRICK, Sports Centre – Wed 6pm & 7.30pm
RAVENSTHORPE, Village Hall – Fri 9.30am

Your first class is just £5.00 and thereafter, you pay as you go. There are money-saving class passes if you plan to come regularly. A regular class will help get into that zen zone more frequently as persistence, patience and practice pays off over time. Interested? Learn more about our classes, how to book and pay.

Caron LIndley, Yoga Teacher, says “Our classes have a lovely energy. And it’s the people who come that make the classes so special. No matter what sort of day or week we’ve had, we all leave class feeling a whole lot better than we came in. That’s what bring people back, week after week.”

 What do regulars to Red Hat Yoga classes say? 

“Great environment and such a welcoming and encouraging person in Caron Lindley. Everyone should give it a try!” Hilary E

 “Amazing evening tonight! Caron has the most beautiful and pure aura and the evening was the best Gin for the soul. Those who need to give themselves time, self-healing and love - this is the place to be.” Rebekah M

 “I literally can’t wait ‘til every Wednesday. Caron is so friendly and caring, she really looks after everyone in class. Since starting in September, I feel so much more relaxed and my sleep has improved as well as my flexibility. Thanks for all your help.” Lisa A

A wonderful gift... private yoga lessons

A private yoga session is an act of true self-care

A private yoga session is an act of true self-care

If you’re new to yoga or its been a while since you stepped on a yoga mat, then joining an established class might seem a bit daunting. Taking a private yoga session to learn a few basics can be a perfect way to build confidence.

Karen Gilmurray shares her experience...

"I was given a series of private yoga lessons with Caron as a birthday present; a wonderful gift but quite a daunting thought at first! But in our first session Caron & I talked about what I wanted to achieve; we did a review of how I felt that day and Caron designed my first lesson to meet my needs. We did some lovely deep relaxation and a few simple poses.

Each lesson Caron assessed me and designed the lesson to suit my needs. It’s easier to achieve a pose when someone demonstrates and then guides you as you try for yourself, gently moving an arm or leg to get you into the best position for your body. And using yoga blocks and straps to help was an entirely new idea to me. Also having someone to modify poses that don’t suit you is important; until Caron pointed it out I didn’t know I had some hyperextended joints; and it’s important to modify poses which affect these joints to avoid damaging them.

We explored several aspects of yoga; breathing and relaxation; aromatherapy oils; Dosha characteristics; as well as looking at the physical benefits of yoga poses.

After seven lessons I feel empowered to carry on; I felt better after each yoga session; and I know that while my yoga might not be perfect, and never will be, I am helping my body to the best it can be. It’s all too easy in our busy world to let care for yourself slip; the sessions have helped focus my mind on the need to look after myself; both mentally and physically.

Caron is a great and very patient teacher. With her extensive range of yoga and associated knowledge during private lessons you can choose to learn the yoga that is right for you. Once you know what you want you’ll be able to select classes which offer the type of yoga that’s best for you."

Read more about Private Yoga lessons.

Best Yoga/Pilates Studio

Red Hat Yoga named Best Yoga/Pilates Studio

Great news today... Red Hat Yoga has been named Winner in the Muddy Stiletto Awards 2018 (Best Yoga/Pilates Studio, Warwickshire).This would not have been possible without everyone who voted for Red Hat Yoga. The amount of support I've received is overwhelming. Thank you all very much.


I'm just about to take a break for a couple of weeks to attend a very special Personal Development Program in France with Sue Knight. I'll also be teaching yoga and facilitating Yoga Nidra sessions as part of the course. I will share my some of my learning and insights though Mat Chat (internet connection willing!).

I'll also be taking time out to plan the next stage of development for my little business, how best to serve the growing Red Hat Yoga Community and continue to introduce Yoga to people who might not initially think it's for them. It's my mission to introduce 1000 new people to yoga in ten years. A big but very worthwhile goal. I'm in year 4, there's still a long way to go but moving in the right direction.

With love Caron x

Constructive rest for resilience and wellbeing

As a local yoga and meditation teacher, I use Facebook to promote my classes, workshops and retreats. I use it also to keep in touch with the local communities I serve and get a sense of the ‘collective mood’. 

My work is informed by what I observe. I see people rushing through their lives, overscheduling every waking hour of the day, unable to let go of their anxieties even in sleep. Why is it that we feel compelled to take on so much?

Whatever the reasons, it seems to me that we have become addicted to being busy, squeezing every bit of juice from the time available. With little or no downtime, non-stop busyness takes its toll on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

I have learned from experience that what busy people need most is to give themselves permission to stop and take time for rest. Rest is a skill and a habit that can be learned. Taking time out for yourself in this way isn’t self-indulgent, it’s essential if we want to stay healthy and be able to bounce back from life’s inevitable curved balls. 

Emerging themes help me create sessions that are relevant to modern life. People often say to me: “I feel that the class was designed for me today. How did you know that’s just what I needed?”

Most yoga classes will include some aspect of rest, usually at the end of the practice. It’s the part of the class that people really look forward to and that keeps them returning each week.

My curiosity in the power of rest for resilience and wellbeing led me to study Yoga Nidra with several leading experts. In a nutshell, Yoga Nidra is the practice of conscious rest for the body and mind. It combines relaxation techniques with mindfulness and meditation. It helps you switch off, refresh and experience a deep sense of calm and wellbeing. If you feel anxious, depressed, are overwhelmed by stress or have trouble sleeping, then you might find that a regular Yoga Nidra practice will really help you to rebalance.

Now I specialise in teaching Yoga Nidra to others. Yoga Nidra classes are held at The Barn, Houlton in Rugby, every Tuesday evening at 8pm - 9pm . Sunday Essential Rest sessions are held regularly throughout the year and private sessions for families and groups of friends are available at a time to suit you. If you'd like to try Yoga Nidra for yourself, then contact Caron Lindley

“I loved last night’s Yoga Nidra class. Your classes are deeply relaxing and empowering.” Jacqui
“It gave me time to myself every week when things felt full on. Yoga Nidra calmed me and put things in perspective. I am feeling more optimistic about life and dealing with problems that might occur.” Pamela
“Beautiful evening of yoga Nidra that relaxed me but also awakened long forgotten thoughts and feelings. I can't explain how enlightening Caron's session was. You should definitely try it for yourself.” 

This article has also been published in Sofya Style (March 2018)

Yoga comes to new Houlton Village

Houlton Yoga.jpg

Red Hat Yoga has launched a new Mindful Yoga class on Wednesday morning at The Barn, Dollman's Farm in Houlton, the new village community that's being built on the outskirts of Rugby. The class is suitable for all levels and abilities. Those new to yoga will be warmly welcomed.

The class takes place at 10am to 11.15am and, due to its proximity to The Tuning Fork Cafe, you can relax after class and enjoy coffee and cake with your friends. 

Mindful yoga is a gently form of yoga which encourages you to slow down and become aware of how your body is responding to the flowing movement. You'll also learn to breath better and relax deeply.

Caron Lindley, Yoga Teacher, says "People who try Mindful Yoga love it. I encourage everyone to practise at their own pace and offer props to make poses more comfortable."

If you'd like to try the next class, then you can book online here. Your first class is £5.00!  Places are limited to 12 people so booking is essential to secure your place. If you have a question about the class, then contact Caron 

Autumn Yoga Classes in Rugby, Crick, Lutterworth, Ravensthorpe and Daventry.

Grab a yoga mat and salute to the sun this Autumn. In just two weeks Red Hat Yoga will be launching the new term of weekly yoga classes. With ten classes on the Autumn timetable, you've a wide choice of times and local venues to suit all schedules. Classes are mixed ability and everyone is warmly welcomed.

Unlike most yoga classes, you don't have to book for a whole term. We get it that you're busy and sometimes life just gets in the way. So you can come when you can. All we ask is that you book and pay for your place online, in advance, so that we know to expect you. The exception to this is Yoga for Beginners which is a 6 week course.

Classes are busy so book early to avoid disappointment! 

We're also very excited to be offering new classes at the gorgeous new Sheaf Street Health Store in Daventry, which open its doors on 8 September. 

Take a peep at the Autumn timetable:

1.30pm - 3pm Mindful Yoga @ Daventry Mecure Hotel
7.45pm - 9pm Mindful Yoga @ Lutterworth Town Hall 

0am - 11am Mindful Yoga Hour @ Sheaf Street Health Store, Daventry
11am - 12noon Yoga for Rest & Recovery @ Sheaf Street Health Store, Daventry
12.15pm - 1pm Lunchtime Calm Space (Introduction to meditation) @ Sheaf Street Health Store.

10am - 11.30am
Mindful Yoga @ Overslade Community Centre, Rugby
6.00pm - 7.00pm Yoga for Beginners: 6 week course @ Old School Church St, Crick
7.30pm - 8.45pm Mindful Yoga @ Old School Church St, Crick

5pm - 6pm Twilight Mindful Yoga @ Sheaf Street Health Store, Daventry 

9.30am - 10.45am Mindful Yoga @ The Village Hall, Ravensthorpe

For full details of class prices, venues and how to book, click below:

I love your classes as each week is different...

Thank you so much for your warm welcome at my first class with you last week. I felt part of the group immediately...

I feel very nurtured in the space you create for us...

I always have the best night sleep after yoga class...